thermal furnaces chamber furnaces shaft furnaces convection furnaces furnace furnaces rotary furnaces AMS 2750
supporting furnaces passing through furnaces melting furnaces drying kilns salt baths heat treatment lines.
production of electric heating elements:
heating elements in emitting tubes;
metallic heating elements;
cartridge heating elements;
heating elements for galvanic baths.
Anode furnaces Thermal furnaces Lime furnaces Ceramic furnacesGlass furnaces Roller furnaces Tunnel furnaces Masonry Induction ducts for melting zinc cathodes and zinc alloy production
Induction melting furnaces for copper and copper alloys
Resistive melting furnaces for aluminum and aluminum alloys
Resistant crucible furnaces for melting copper alloys
Induction melting furnaces for aluminum, magnesium, zinc, lead and alloys
Furnaces for thermo-treatment of metals Ceramic ovens
Laboratory furnaces Dryers Recycling of induction channel kilns
Baths for galvanizing SIC Crucibles Fireproof and heat-insulating materials
Spectrometers - portable and desktop systems for spectral analysis of metals
Fluxes, degassing tablets, modifiers, castings for casting
Vacuum technology for injection molding and injection molding of plastics AMS 2750
Cameras Vacuum ovens fireplaces

Chamber furnaces. Universal chamber furnaces. Industrial furnaces
Chamber furnaces for ashing Annealed furnace AMS 2750

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