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Marina Inglesina Classic Trio

Elegant, classic and typical trio, handmade with high quality materials. La Classica is the sovereign of all wheelchairs, with a peculiar icon.

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The shape of the chair is super elegant, inspired by antique strollers, it is a mark of distinction with a symbol of elegance and style.

Designed by strict quality and craftsmanship standards, this stroller will be the perfect resting place for our son, with great comfort.

The class is for parents who want a stroller so they can admire it.

Services Included:

- a case

- Matching change bag

- seat

- Chassis

- group 0

- Soft fence

- He covers his legs

Capoz properties:

Size: 81 x 37 x 22 cm.

Weight: 7.8 kg.

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