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2019/2018 Stokke® XPLORY® V6 Children's leather handles.

My Price: 909USD with delivery charge included

What is included

• Stokke Xplory chassis with leather handle.
• Stokke articulated trolley for seat and baby cot.
• Stokke Xplory shopping bag

• Trolley seat
• Canopy Stokke trolley
• Stokke visor for awning carts
• Baby carriage pad
• Stokke Wheelbarrow Protector

Buy a separate range of stylish and functional accessories, including:

• Stokke Xplory baby cot, Carry Cot mattress and baby crib
• Stokke trolley visor, sun visor, seat rain cover, seat storm cover and mosquito net
• Stokke umbrella, cup holder, change of bags, blankets
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