keyboard 76 key (E1 - G7) semi-weighted Velocity sensitive and after touching supported system Upgradable Operating System RX (real experience) DNC (Defined Nuance Control) Multitasking, Load while the feature game Upgradable Operating System RX (real experience) DNC (Defined Nuance Control) Multitasking, Load while the feature game Tone generator KORG EDS (Enhanced Definition synthesis) sound generator Filters with resonance Three band EQ for each record Maximum polyphony 128 voices, 128 Oscillators belongings to 4 Stereo Digital Multi-Effect block systems 125 Master effects types + 2 Global effects Voice processor technologies TC Helicon (R) 4 effect and Three part Harmonizer, Reverb, Delay, Compressor, EQ Sounds / drum kits More than 1,100, including Stereo Piano and GM / GS enhanced sound compatibility; more than 90 drum kits, including Ambient drum kit User area: 512 Sounds, 128 sets of drums Defined Nuance Control (DNC) Technology Digital Drawbars: 9 Footages Full Sounds / Drumkits editing capabilities User PCM RAM Memory: 192 MB Sampling Format compatibility: Load / import KORG, WAV, AIFF and SoundFont? Export of Wav and AIFF Full Edit, time slot, feature sampling. Styles More than 410 pre-loaded styles freely reconfigured 1,200 vacancies Style including Favorite banks Eight Style tracks, 4 Single tap Settings, 4 pads and a style of arrangement for a Style Guitar Mode 2, parallel and fixed NTT Record Style with Step Record , Light event editing features controls Style: 3 intros, four variations, four filled, holiday, three endings Synchro Start / Stop, Tap Tempo / Reset, Bass inversion, Auto Fill, Manual Bass, memory, Accompaniment Mute, Drum Mapping, snare & Kick purpose, STS kind of chord sequencer in real but during Style chord sequencer Recorder mode style of play Run / STS Performance: 320 Realtime places "My setting" Special Execution KS: Remember the real-time monitor settings, up to 4 x 1200 styles to 4 x records Songbook listening patented XDS Infuse Dual sequencer players (Supported formats: MID, KAR, MP3 + lyrics, MP3 + G) 2 players with separate Select, Start / Stop, Home, rewind and fast controls more control X slider balance texts rating and data chord can be displayed on-screen or external video surveillance Markers Jukebox MP3 function Player / Recorder Double MP3 players and MP3 Recorder Real Time Transposition (+ 6 / -5 semitones) Tempo change (± 30%) Vocal Remover Record MP3 files including Styles, SMF, Real Time Tracks, Pads, Microphone and Effects Sequencer fast recording (Backing Sequence) A number of roads and Step record functions - Full-featured sequencer 16 runs; Up to 200,000 events SMF native format songbook



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